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Volunteer Training 

Each family is encouraged to volunteer throughout the year.  Looking for a way you can help?

  • Referee for a sporting event

  • Help serve hot lunch

  • Clean the microwaves and picnic table area (once a month)

  • Help at special events including Fall Festival, Grandparent’s Day, and Easter for Kids

  • Assist teachers with photocopying, cutting, and coloring

Contact the school office at 480-967-3991 for more information on volunteering

All parents, guardians, and grandparents who wish to volunteer and/or drive or chaperone field trips must successfully follow the steps to become a volunteer.

STEP 1 - Watch the Training Video.

STEP 2 - Complete the Online Quiz. Click HERE to take the online quiz.

STEP 3 - Complete the proper form. You may print and complete the appropriate form or you may request the form in the school office.

All new parents to Emmanuel as well as parents who have never completed any


STEP 4 - Return the paperwork to Emmanuel and submit an insurance card and driver’s license

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