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Making an Impact in Elementary School


The academic program at Emmanuel Lutheran School prioritizes the following three areas:

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Personalized attention
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Emmanuel Lutheran School is committed to providing low student-to-teacher ratios. This ensures that each student on campus receives personalized attention and individualized instruction. As a result, students are supported in their unique gifts and abilities.

Whole child education
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Emmanuel’s teachers are committed to whole child education so that each student grows intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, too. This prepares students not just for the next level of education, but for any future.

Christ-centered environment
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At Emmanuel, all teaching and instruction are guided by God’s love and truth. Academics are taught from a Biblical worldview and based on the truths of God’s Word. This environment makes an impact with students and their families both now and for eternity.

Academic Goals

In lower elementary school, Emmanuel’s goal is to give each student a solid foundation in the core subjects of math, language arts, reading, writing, social studies, and science. Teachers at this level provide a combination of instruction, guided exploration, and hands-on learning.

In upper elementary school, Emmanuel’s goal is to give students the tools they need to succeed in high school and beyond. Students continue their education through core and enrichment classes and cultivate strong study habits, independent learning, and research skills.

Curriculum Highlights
  • Chromebooks for all students in grades 1-8

  • IXL for grades 3-8

  • MAP Growth Testing in grades 1-8

  • Academic Competitions:

    • Meet Math sponsored by Martin Luther College (First place finishes in 2021 and 2022)

    •  Zaner Bloser Handwriting Competition (National Semifinalist in 2022, Western Regional Champion in 2024, and numerous state winners in the last five years)

    • Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee

  • Classroom Field Trips

  • Religion

    • Christ Light

    • Hymns for Life

  • Math

    • McGraw Hill My Math, grades K-5

    • Glencoe Math, grades 6-8

    • Holt Algebra, grade 8

  • Language Arts (all inclusive of Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling)

    • SuperKids, grades K-2

    • McGraw Hill Wonders, grades 3-5

    • Literature Units, grades 6-8

    • Zaner Bloser Handwriting, grades 1-5

  • Social Studies

    • Social Studies & History Units, grades 1and 2

    • Studies Weekly, grades 3 and 4

    • Harcourt Brace, Early United States, grade 5

    • McGraw Hill, A History of the World, grade 6

    • McGraw Hill, A History of the United States, grades 7 and 8

  • Science

    • Lynda Williams Science Units (Physical, Earth, Life), grades 1-8


During the course of the school year, students at Emmanuel play competitive sports in the Black Canyon Lutheran Athletic League and in various local tournaments. Along the way, coaches foster foundational knowledge of the game, as well as skills development. Most importantly, players develop character traits like persistence, discipline, and teamwork and are encouraged to use all their gifts to God’s glory.

Competitive Sports in Grades 5-8
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  • Flag Football - Boys

  • Volleyball - Girls

  • Soccer - Co-Ed

  • Basketball - Boys and Girls

  • Track - Boys and Girls

Sports Activities in Grades K-4
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  • Physical education class as part of each student’s schedule

  • Annual Kickball Day with local schools

  • Annual Track Day with local schools

Fine Arts

In addition to music and art classes as part of the curriculum, Emmanuel also offers extracurricular fine arts experiences and programs, especially in the area of music. Students can participate in after-school band lessons, piano lessons, and choir. In addition, students put on drama productions and enjoy a variety of arts-related field trips during the course of the year. We celebrate and support each student’s God-given gifts and abilities at Emmanuel!

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Extracurriculars & Electives
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  • Music lessons offered before and after school in piano, organ, guitar, ukulele, and violin

  • Instrumental lessons (free and part of our music curriculum) for 5th grade and new students

  • Band composed of all 6th grade students and experienced 7th & 8th graders

  • Tone Chime Choir for grades 6-8

  • Junior Choir elective for grades 5-8

Performances & Drama
  • 1st-4th Grade Fall Drama Production

  • 5th-8th Grade Spring Musical

  • Annual Spring Concert

  • Junior Choir Performances

    • Singing the national anthem at Arizona Lutheran Academy basketball & football games

    • Singing the national anthem at a Phoenix Suns game

    • Participating at the Tempe Boat Parade

  • Band, Piano, Vocalist Performances

    • Spring Concert

    • Friday Chapel Services

The Culture
at Emmanuel

“Christ, Caring, Connection” guides the culture at Emmanuel Lutheran School. It’s a place where we intentionally connect with each other, proactively care for one another, and constantly build our culture on Christ’s love for all of us.

Culture Highlights
  • Chapel Buddy program for all students in Preschool through Grade 8

  • Lion Prides - multi-age groups of students in grades K-8 with 8th graders being the leaders of the prides

  • School Spirit Week

  • Mentor families for all new families

  • Family Movie Night

  • Family Fall Festival

  • Student Service Projects in our community

  • Annual Grandparents Day

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Challenging academics, wonderful music, drama, and athletic programs. Best of all? Teachers who love and care about your children and point them to Christ!

Parent of two ELS graduates

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