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Online Payments

Cost to Pay Online
Emmanuel incurs a fee to be able to process online gifts and payments. To keep costs as low as possible, you may wish to contribute using a direct withdrawal from your bank account. This costs the church $0.30 per transaction. Please be aware that if you use a credit card, a 2.15% fee of your total offering plus $0.30 per transaction will go toward the credit card company. Before you complete your payment, you are given the option to cover any processing costs if you choose to do so.


School Payments & Tax-Deductible Gifts
Tuition and school fees payments may not be tax deductible. Please contact your tax advisor.

Regarding tax deductible contributions, per IRS Regulations, no goods or services are provided in exchange for contributions other than intangible religious benefits. An annual statement will be mailed to you as proof of your tax-deductible charitable contributions. Our tax ID is 86-0268546. Thank you for your generous commitment to the work of Jesus Christ through our church and school.



Merchant Provider
Emmanuel partners with Planning Center and Stripe to be able to process online contributions and payments. No financial information is stored on Emmanuel or Planning Center servers but is directly handled by Stripe. This means that your financial data is safe and secure for you and the church.

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