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God’s Word plays a central part in our school day.  God’s love for us has a far reaching effect on our actions at school and at home. The Christ Light series includes Old and New Testament stories from the Bible, used in a 2-year cycle. The stories are taught and applied to the lives of the students in a very child-friendly approach. We learn songs and verses from the Bible and do various projects highlighting the truths of Scripture.

Language Arts

Superkids is an all inclusive literacy program in which all aspects of literacy are taught. Throughout the year the children read stories about the Superkids. Students are also exposed to informational texts. The children learn to write letters, spell words, and write sentences. Superkids provides a solid phonics-based foundation that assures that children will become strong and independent readers, spellers, and writers.

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Kindergarten math is about the basics. The children learn counting, recognizing, and writing numbers. They learn shapes and sorting. Students develop a basic understanding of place value and beginning addition and subtraction.

Science and Social Studies

Science and Social Studies are taught in a thematic approach. In science, the children begin to make sense of the world around them. The students study themes such as apples, pumpkins, butterflies, plants, and outer space. In social studies, the children are focused on “me,” and then they are shown the world around them in themes such as families, communities and their helpers, and Thanksgiving now and then.

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