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Second Grade


We study God’s Word daily through devotions and Christ Light materials that cover basic Bible stories. The material is divided into Old Testament and New Testament, and we spend one year on each. Students learn Memory Treasures and hymn verses on a weekly basis.

Language Arts

Through the Superkids language arts program, reading comprehension, writing, phonemic awareness, spelling and grammar are all combined and taught together. Students combine their understanding of all phonemic elements and apply it in fluent reading of grade level text. They read authentic, literary, and informational texts that have not been controlled by decodability and apply comprehension skills to longer, more complex texts. Students use the writing process to write longer, more structured narratives, informational texts, and opinion pieces.

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The principles of addition and subtraction, along with understanding concepts of numbers and place value are taught. Students learn more complex math concepts like two or three digit addition and subtraction and basic multiplication. Students learn and understand measurement and data collection along with time, money, and geometry skills.


Generation Genius is a teaching resource that brings science standards to life through fun and educational videos, lesson activities, quizzes and hands-on learning opportunities. Students learn the different types of landforms and bodies of water. They discover the impact we have on the Earth and changes that are taking place. Students study fossils, extinction, and dinosaurs.  Students also learn the properties of matter and heating and cooling.

Social Studies

Studies Weekly is a student-friendly periodical that teaches civics and government, geography, economics, and history. Students learn about rules and laws within a community, the purpose and structure of government, and national symbols and holidays. They learn basic map skills. Students learn the concept of economics, goods and services, and making good economic choices. They also study historical figures and the impact their inventions and lives have had on our world today.

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