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Seventh Grade


The students learn biblical truths that are relevant to life, through topical Bible studies and hymnology. Memorization of Bible passages and selected hymns are also part of the curriculum.

Language Arts

The students explore literary devices and elements of literature through novels, short stories, and poetry. In addition, they learn to compose a variety of essays and written responses. Students review grammar skills and parts of speech and apply them to speaking and writing skills.

7th Grade 191.jpg

The students learn foundational math skills necessary for high school and college through topics such as ratios and proportions, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, probability and statistics.


The students examine God’s created world through topics related to physical and life science, presented in a two year cycle. These topics include properties of matter, atoms and molecules, chemical reactions, laws of motion, plant and animal life, and the human body.


A solid understanding of history is essential to understanding the present.  American History is a two year cycle and taught in the seventh and eighth grades.  Over the course of two years, students learn about important people, places and events in American History, and the impact they have on our world today.

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