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Fifth Grade


Religion is composed of three separate classes - Christ Light, Faith Foundations (Catechism), and Hymns for Life.  The Christ-Light curriculum consists of Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments.  In Hymns for Life, students study and sing a variety of Christian hymns and are exposed to a wide range of information pertinent to the hymn. Faith Foundations (Catechism) teaches the students Biblical doctrines, specifically, the Ten Commandments, Law and Gospel, Baptism, Holy Communion, and the Use of the Keys and Confession. 

Language Arts

In reading, students regularly read and listen to stories and novels to develop reading skills.  Students will apply those skills through activities and projects.  In grammar, students build on their experiences with sentences, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, and prepositions.  In writing, the six traits of writing - organization, word choice, conventions, ideas, voice, and sentence fluency - are used to develop writing skills.  Students will use these skills as they write personal narratives, compare and contrast essays, book reviews, research reports, and opinion essays.

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The students expand their knowledge and abilities of multiplication and division concepts. Students also learn how to use each of the mathematical operations with decimals, fractions, and rational and irrational numbers. Students then apply these skills to measurement and geometry.


Students discover how things work and explore the wonders of God’s world.  Students will study topics of Earth Science and Physical Science.  Some units will include: Weather and Climate, Earthquakes, Erosion and Weathering, the Solar System, Forces and Motion, and Properties of Matter.


Students study the ancient cultures and civilizations around the world.  Places of study include Greece, Rome, Egypt, and China.  Students discover what made these civilizations unique and make connections between ancient places of the past and our world today.  Students also memorize and identify the countries of study in that particular continent.

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