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Fourth Grade


Fourth graders learn and talk about Jesus as their Savior through Bible stories. They are led to spiritual truths of God’s Word and are encouraged to reflect Christ’s love for them in their daily lives.  Students learn Memory Treasures and hymn verses on a weekly basis.

Language Arts

Fourth graders continue to read from various genres and further develop comprehension strategies. A special emphasis is also placed on learning numerous comprehension skills to help read and enjoy nonfiction texts. Students study the five basic parts of speech in grammar and will continue to use and master phonics patterns in spelling.  In writing, they work on the five-step writing process.  Fourth graders gradually begin to use cursive writing for most of their work by the end of the year.

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Students continue to develop mental math skills and learn and apply mathematical properties and rules to solve word problems.  Students develop their multiplication and division skills by working with single-digit and double-digit numbers.  Students begin more work with fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.  Measurement and geometry topics include perimeter and area, customary/metric measurement units, measuring angles and lines, and symmetry.


Fourth graders learn to appreciate the complexity of God’s Creation. Physical Science units include energy and electricity. Earth Science units studied are the earth and moon, fossils and the rock cycle, weathering and erosion, and waves and wavelengths. Life Science units include photosynthesis, animal senses and adaptations, and the five senses.

Social Studies

In a two-year cycle, students study the basic themes of government, economics, and geography.  Students also study Arizona geography and Arizona History including early cultures, Arizona tribal nations, and the process to obtain statehood.  In addition, early American history is studied including indigenous peoples, early explorers, and American colonial life.

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